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  1. From Rally America Twit Feed: Lagemann & O’Sullivan were going to battle for
    2nd in SP Champ’ship at NEFR. Both DNF’d so Wickline might take it.

    Hey, we did it finished 3rd in SP in rally,11th overall in rally NEFR, and 2nd overall in National Championship. SWEET. I did my job. I’m so proud of my driver Andrew Wickline. I didn’t do so bad myself for a rally photographer of 10 years turned co-driver. Our goal at Sno-Drift was to run the entire season and finish 3rd in class in Championship. We did one better. 2nd in championship!!!!
    We had only one mishap at STPR. STPR Rally in Wellsboro,Pa. I was
    been baptised in my 1st rally crash. Driver error, and we hit a tree, Ouch!!!
    All ok, no one hurt, not even sore. Safty equipment did it’s job. Rain and clay roads
    and left 3 and water on road in breaking zone,window fogging up, not good combo.
    We where 7th on the road 4 in class at the time . Oh well that’s rally.

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