2008 DKR shows its lines

The muscular, thoroughbred yet beastlike forms of the Peugeot 2008 DKR provide a vivid indication of the new car’s serious desire for success. It is behind the wheel of this purpose-designed machine that Carlos Sainz and Cyril Despres will defend the colours of Team Peugeot Total on next January’s Dakar.

Three weeks after the exciting news that Peugeot, Red Bull and Total have decided to join forces to contest the 2015 Dakar, the car that will spearhead the team’s challenge has finally broken cover. The 2008 DKR shares an unmistakable family resemblance with Peugeot’s road-going crossover, albeit with more muscular forms and more imposing overall proportions that have been honed to meet the challenge that lays ahead. Its spectacular lines are the fruit of close cooperation between the experts at Peugeot’s Style Centre and their colleagues at Peugeot Sport’s Design Department, and the newcomer’s likeness with the production version is quite astonishing! Continue reading

Rally Portugal 2014

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It is a big and busy one: 20 pages of rally news from around the world. From the stages of Mpumalanga, South Africa, the Portuguese stages for the WRC Rally de Portugal and a look at the asphalt stages for this weekend’s FIA ERC Circuit of Ireland Rally, and we’ve had a chat with Craig Breen broken down the new WRC rule changes and bring the news of Citroën Racing’s new R5 player. Download, download, download!

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Safari with MML Sports

With the demise of the famous Safari Rally from the FIA World Rally Championship, you’d be forgiven for thinking that cars built to the unique specification required to not only survive but succeed on arguably the toughest event ever to feature in the WRC would have also disappeared. But in fact, this is far from the case, with British company MML Sports developing and building Safari-spec Mitsubishi rally cars for the 21st Century.

The company was recently approached by the Team Kibos rally team and asked to supply two Group N Mitsubishi Lancer EvolutionX rally cars; one for the Kenyan Rally Championship and one for the FIA African Rally Championship. The two cars were built to identical, Safari-specification with the only difference between the two being in the livery, with one series’ door plates larger than the other.

It’s no surprise that MML Sports knows what it’s doing when it comes to building rally cars to survive the toughest conditions on the African continent. In its previous guise as Ralliart Europe, which ran the works Mitsubishi team, it took four wins while the event was part of the WRC and a Mitsubishi has won the event, which continues to run as part of the African series, eight times in the last ten years.

• The bodyshell has been strengthened through joins and seams re-made. Same for the suspension, engine and transmission crossmembers.
• The rear exhaust system is strengthened, the skid protection upgraded to cover the entire floorpan with 8mm aluminium.
• Increase in ground clearance of more than 40mm to avoid the suspension bottoming out and to raise the degree of protection.
• The car’s Reiger dampers been specifically developed for the rough African conditions and will cope with extremely high-speed movement, typical with wheels and tyres rolling over large rocks or dropping into pot-holes. The suspension mounting points have also been strengthened.
• All the extra strengthening has only added 40-45kg of weight to these Group N Evo X machines over their “Euro” spec siblings.


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With the WRC Rally de Portugal about to get underway with its Ceremonial Start, we bring you a 17-page rally read with news from the Shakedown Stage, all the ups and downs from the FIA ERC’s Acropolis Rally of Greece last weekend, a look at our European ambassador Ekaterina Stratieva’s first rally in her new Subaru Impreza WRX STI and a look under the bonnet of MML’s latest project. We also feature M-Sport’s astonishing entries for the Portuguese dust (and mud) as it has 42 cars in action!

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42 M-Sport Ford Fiestas line up for action in Rally de Portugal

M-Sport achieved another boost this week as the team’s range of Ford Fiesta rally cars make up an impressive 49 percent of the Rally de Portugal entry.

Working together with Ford, M-Sport has created an effective ‘Ladder of Opportunity’ that allows drivers to progress within the sport; graduating from grass-root to top-level rallying alongside the Blue Oval. Continue reading

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